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Grill Men Blog

Get Ready For Grilling Season

Posted by Lynx Grills on

Today I would like to re-share a blog post from Lynx that was as true in 2017 as it is today. Some people use their outdoor kitchens year-round, and some people use it only during a grilling season. If it has been a little while since your last meal made outdoors, here is a little advice from Lynx.


Grilling season is upon us and before you invite company over for your first barbecue, follow the steps below to ensure hosting success! Check the inside of your grill before firing it up for debris, leaves and other things that might have gotten in. If it has rained or snowed since you last grilled, slowly slide open the drip tray and empty out any water that may have collected. To thoroughly clean your grill, clean the grates, briquette trays, burners and firebox. If your grill is on a propane tank, check to see if you have enough gas before you start cooking! Test your ignition, lights, and burners to ensure they all turn on properly. If you have any questions or problems, email us at We are here to help!

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